Boyhood – ©Agnieszka Maruszczyk

While searching for a new photography theme we quite often turn to exotic things. We travel the world and then bring home photos which illustrate habits and rituals of other cultures. Interesting ones, quite often very effective, yet mostly just touching the surface. Well – what interesting and profound could be said if the subject was explored for just a few days?

The set of the photographs below not only does reveal a clear visual talent of the author but also the power of the local theme, a theme about the things around us, things we know and understand. Things we can spend weeks on exploring them, or even months to study them, and – in the end – present our personal point of view.

Agnieszka Maruszczyk, whom I got to know during one of my workshops, photographs her son. Janek is an eight-years old boy, born in London, now living with his parents in Poznań, Poland. I agreed with Agnieszka to share this set of photographs with you, very touching photographs, photos with no judgments in them, full of love, poetry and metaphor. This is a part, a promising beginning of something exceptional. Something that on one hand beautifully and in a touching way illustrates a mother’s admiration and love of her son, and on the other hand brings us to a general sphere related to the kids’ world.

I do recommend this visual story and I hope that it will give you – as it has given to me – many unusual experiences and reflections.


Tomasz Tomaszewski, March, 2018