American Rush 2018

Under this emblematic theme, I would like to offer you all a travel photography workshops series that will take place in the USA in 2018. I would like to invite those of you who speak either English or Polish, since the workshops will be conducted in both languages simultaneously: Polish and English.

Why is it worth it?

PRIVATE PHOTO ACADEMY-season 2018/2019

Please be informed that the Polish version of this very page contains an announcement regarding my Private Academy workshops which I hold in my place, in Poland, and as such I decided not to publish a full English translation of the announcement. Please, enjoy the rest of the  pages.

Please have a try of these workshops. Why is it worth doing so?

How to promote your own workshops so that what you write is  both modest and convincing, emphasizing the value and uniqueness of the thing comparing it to the vast number of other workshops around us. I found that the best way to do that would be by giving a floor to those who participated in […]