Please have a try of these workshops. Why is it worth doing so?

How to promote your own workshops so that what you write is  both modest and convincing, emphasizing the value and uniqueness of the thing comparing it to the vast number of other workshops around us. I found that the best way to do that would be by giving a floor to those who participated in my workshops. Below please find and enjoy just a few of the opinions, the spontaneous ones presenting my courses, the workshops, or simply other photo educational activities. I encourage you to have a read them and hope they will  convince you to join me in my workshops. Please, have a nice read, everyone. Tomasz Tomaszewski


Anna Gondek-Grodkiewicz

 „Tomasz Tomaszewski’s workshop has taken my photography to a completely different level. He is a man who brings out the best in people. He is a mentor, a friend, like a particle accelerator spinning you into a new dimension of photography – provided you do your best as you work together. This experience is invaluable and intense. Absolute world class.”


Piotr Kowalski

“Tomasz’ workshops are an amazing experience but not necessarily for the obvious reasons. The atmosphere is great and fun – Tomasz is a fantastic teacher and guide. You can learn about the technicalities as much as you want – Tomasz has no secrets and will explain everything you want to the last detail.   But the workshops are not really about photography. They are about life, yourself and the kind of photographer you are and more importantly want to be. It is an incredible journey and adventure. But beware – after participating in one, you will never look at your portfolio in the same way.”

Ewa Szymankiewicz 

“I first met Tomasz Tomaszewski at a weekend workshop during which we talked about the photography. Initially, this formula surprised me. Workshops without taking photos or without post-processing? It turned out that these discussions till the late night were more valuable and enriching than I could have ever imagined. Tomasz’s knowledge – not only about the photography, but also about art, philosophy, sociology, geopolitical issues, history … – is limitless. And the enthusiasm with which Tomasz shares it – priceless. Tomasz, on top of the unquestionable photographic mastership, has what is given to only a few – a real gift and passion to communicate his knowledge. He attaches a special importance to the development of people who work under his supervision, how they manage to break barriers and advance. One could say that the best award for him is observing people he works with, how they search for their own style and find it. I had the pleasure to participate in both stationary workshops (focused on analysis, selection of themes and photographs, issues of image processing and editing), as well as travel workshops (photographing Easter processions in Sicily). My view on photography and my own work has changed dramatically and the bar and the expectations have been raised. I know that I can always count on the Tomasz’s help and I am sure that we will meet for new photo meetings soon.”