The motivation to take the photos in this collection was very different from that which usually drives me. Most of the time, I want my photographs to serve a purpose, to tell a story, or explain a person to another person.

But this time, I only wanted to capture surprise and wonder, enchantment with the world, and occasionally joy and amusement, but also discomfort and anxiety, in short, anything but a desire to tell a story.

It proved to be an unexpectedly difficult challenge, which I put down to the ingrained habits I have acquired. I tried to meet it by taking photographs during my workshops around Poland and in few other countries in 2016 and 2017.


I still feel that I cannot achieve what I would like to achieve, but I cannot cease longing for that which I cannot have either. What I present here is a modest attempt, a beginning…. while I carry on.


Tomasz Tomaszewski

(All presented photographs are available, plus a lot more, in the book “Everything Can Be Anything”: See Album or can be obtained as a high quality print: Visit Store)